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Silverfish Pest Control

Noticed a lot of bugs in your home but aren’t really sure what they are? They could be Silverfish – one of the more common household pests in Australia. Call Skippy today and have our professional pest inspectors eliminate Silverfish from your home.

Silverfish, otherwise known as fishmoths, carpet sharks or paramites, are small, soft, wingless insects found around the house. They are nocturnal and move quite quickly, often becoming stuck in bathtubs and showers as they cannot climb the smooth surface. Silverfish consume almost anything found in the home, including glue, book bindings, plaster, some paints, paper, photos, sugar, coffee, hair, carpet, clothing and even dandruff. They also eat cotton, linen, silk, synthetic fibres and dead insects.

Skippy’s pest inspectors have all the right equipment for Silverfish pest control and management. We apply a control agent to walls and shelves of storage spaces to eliminate this pest, and as such, linen cupboards and wardrobes need to be emptied. This is because these spaces are ideal Silverfish habitats for breeding and laying eggs.


Call Skippy today and protect your belongings from Silverfish with our pest control and management services. Phone 07 3803 0698.